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Tutorial - How to start labeling images.

First thing to know, you will find a demo of the labelling tool during this tutorial :)

Step 1 - Get the images !

Normally a set of images should have already been requested by the labeling tool and all you have to do is annotate the image. If it's not the case click on  

Step 2 - Select an object type

On the left of the labeling tool you will find a dropdown  with a list of tags that image can be annotated with. Select a category before drawing on the image !

Step 3 - Draw on the image

Click (or touch) on the image to start drawing the bounding box, release to end the selection, and that's it you have successfully annotated an image ! You can now go to the next image by clicking on  

Additionnal notes

  1. On the same image multiple bounding boxes of multiple tags can be drawn.
  2. Don't worry about not finishing a set of images, just leave it there, you can come back any time to tag another set :) Images that you have already annotated will be saved.
  3. If you are not satisfied with your drawing, just click on  to change mode and then click on the unwanted tag, it will delete it. Don't forget to click on  to start drawing again !


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Bbox :

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What Next ?

Validation process

The images that you have submitted will be validated by human hands (well, more by eyes !) and the annotation will be definitelly saved.

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